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We take personal responsibility for the quality of all Zerberus Guitar products. 
Our motto is: "Quality starts with the design process and includes the incorporation of the highest quality, cured tone woods and the best hardware and best componentry available on the market. 
Whilst quality inspection can be useful in some situations, it is our aim to circumvent, as much as possible, its need by ensuring that we build our products 'right first time'. 
This is assisted by the fact that our guitars are hand built and finished by highly-trained skilled craftsmen, many of whom are also keen guitarists. 
When you purchase a Zerberus guitar, you will own a unique, organic product that has been loved and cared for from its inception and which is designed to last a lifetime." 
All Zerberus guitars are individually set up and tested prior to shipment, a process which we take great pride in overseeing.

Here are some nice samples of one of our friends named Sebastien Wittmann playing his Hydra II and a Morpheus II:

Hydra II Sample 1:

Hydra II Sample 2:

Hydra II Sample 3:

Hydra II Sample 4:

Hydra II Sample 5:

Morpheus II Sample 1:

Morpheus II Sample 2: